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General information


The Webinar service makes it possible to organize and hold various types of distance learning programs (online-seminars, web conferences) over the web. The service makes it possible to create and participate in webinars from anywhere in the world.

Please take note of our updated, reliable and user-friendly service. What should you expect?

A new user interface, spacious rooms, intuitive controls, and the possibility of sharing videos and graphics, an easy-to-use chat function, and all of the functions required to make engaging and memorable webinars.

Create your own webinar right now!

Service features

– Spacious rooms:
The maximum number of participants in each webinar/conference is 500 connections.
– Webcasts of serveral presenters/participants.
Up to three participants can be streamed simultaneously.
– Visual aids such as slides, presentations and documents can significantly improve retention of material among participants.
– Chat and survey functionality:
Chat and take surveys to keep the participants’ attention, and provide the requisite pace and rhythm for the Webinar.
– Record the webinar:
Record your webinars, work on your mistakes, post your recordings on social networks and create an your own audio library!
– Video sharing:
Show participants youtube videos and significantly increase effectiveness!
– Statistics:
Track statistics on completed and upcoming seminars, message and survey content.
– Invites:
Create mailing lists and gather your audience.
– Promotion:
Post ads about upcoming events on Coral Club’s official site.

Sign In (entering the site)

In order to work with the service, you must sign in to the site.

To do so, indicate your (club number) and password, which are the same for all Coral Club online services.

If you have a Club Membership ID number and password
click on Sign In

in the upper right corner of the page in the main menu.

Information for Presenters

Setting up and Scheduling the Webinar

To set up a webinar, please complete the following:

– Fill out the Webinar Creation Form by attaching the required files;
– Send invites to the emails over potential participants;
– Check to make sure your hardware is ready and your network connection is stable;
– Initiate the webcast at the scheduled time.

At the beginning the application form for creating a new Webinar needs to be filled out. Click on Create in the menu. Fill out the application form on the page that opens to create a new event:

– Indicate the title, date, and time of the beginning of the event and the duration of the Webinar;
– Set participant access rights by selecting the required item from the list;
– Enter short and long descriptions for the webinar;
– Link an image to the webinar description (if absent, the default image will be shown), as well as the files required for it.

Sample form:

Form field legend:

1. Webinar start times are given in Moscow Standard Time (MSK).
2. Access rights are divided into 4 categories. By setting the required parameter, you can limit or broaden the audience made up of members:
– For registered users via individual links. In this case, invites are sent by email to potential participants in which links are given to the webinar. After clicking the link and signing in, guests are automatically included in the list of webinar participants. To connect to the webinar, participants sign in through the site.
– For registered users through the events list. In this case, participants sign up via the events list, accessed through the site homepage after signing in. To connect to the webinar, participants sign in through the site.
– For all users through the events page. In this case, participants sign up through the events list accessed through the main page of the site without signing in. To join the webinar it is not necessary to sign in, all that is required is to fill in a small form.
– For all users via individual links. In this case, invites are emailed to potential participants, which only include the link to the webinar. After clicking the link, guests are automatically included in the list of participants in your webinar. To join the webinar it is not necessary to sign in, all that is required is to fill in a small form
3. Uploads/applications:
Upload the files you will require during the webinar. These can include, PowerPoint presentations, images in JPEG and PNG format and YouTube videos. Select the required item from the list and upload the files in the required formats from your computer desktop or paste a link to a YouTube video.

After you fill out all the required fields in the form, click on the button ‘Send Application’, in the lower right corner of the page.
Next, you are be automatically redirected to the My Webinars settings, where you will see a list of all the events you created.
From this page you click View Webinar to set further parameters or Delete the created event.

Getting to know the webinar interface

Clicking View opens the webinar interface.
Let’s take a look at the layout and functions of individual elements of the Webinar Interface.
To the left:
– The title of the webinar is shown at the top, and the name of the presenter is given beside the Coral Club logo;
– Beneath the logo is the webcast window; below this webcast windows may appear if a co-presenter or participant connects to the webcast (up to a total of 3 windows).
To the right:
– The webinar menu is displayed at the top with menu items: ‘Record webcast’, ‘Participants’ (with the total number of participants), ‘Materials’ and ‘Complete’;
– The chat window for text messages is found below the menu; if files have been uploaded, then a file viewing window appears above this;
– The lower part of the interface includes a Tech Support tab for contacting a consultant;
– Below this is the window for entering text messages (including web links).
Uploaded files appear in the centre in a separate column. The included files can be viewed using the right and left arrows and clicking to select. The file is displayed in a window above the chat window, which descends below. Let’s take a more detailed look at how each item in the webinar menu is used.

Webinar Menu


Click on the ‘Participants’ button in the webinar menu to open a tab divided into two blocks:

Block 1 (left) gives a list of users participating in the Webinar;
Block 2 (right) gives a list of users who have been excluded or banned for any reason from future participation.

Beneath the list are buttons that make it possible to:

– Create an email list for invites to be sent to potential participants (‘Invite’ button);
– Connect the co-presenter or a participant at the webinar to the webcast (‘Add to webcast’ button);
– Exclude a participant, in other words banning them from further participation in the webinar (‘Exclude’ button).

In order to close this table, simply click on the ‘X’ icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


Here you can add the materials you require with one click.

Click on the menu item you would like to see: ‘Image’, ‘Presentation’, ‘Video’, and upload the needed file from your computer’s desktop or add a link to a YouTube video.

In order to delete files that you no longer need or that were added by mistake, select the required file from the list and click ‘Delete’.

ДляIn order to close this tab, all you need to do is click on the ‘X’, in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


To complete the creation of the current webinar, just click on the ‘Complete’ button.

You will be redirected to the statistics section, where information can be found on all the events you have held.

How do I start the webcast?

In order to ensure a seamless webcast, ensure that all that all the technical requirements are met and check your hardware to make sure it is ready .

To begin webcasting, simply click on the ‘Begin’ button and the video and audio stream will start automatically.

Information for participants/h4>

Possibilities for webinar participants

Find out more about the layout of the major components of the webinar interface.

As a participant in the webinar room, you can:

– View the list of participants;
– Take part in surveys, ask presenters questions, chat with other participants in the webinar using the text chat window at the bottom of the page;
– Expand/collapse the webcast window or file display window to match the broswer workspace by clicking on the icon made up of four arrows in the lower right hand corner of the window;

– You can exit the webinar interface at any moment by clicking on ‘Leave’ in the upper right-hand corner of the page;
– Should technical issues arise, you can write to a site consultant by clicking on the ‘Tech Support’ tab.

How to become a webinar participant

You can sign up to participate in the webinar through the list of eventt accessible on the site, as well as via individual invites sent by the presenter by email.

Signing up to participate through the events page

If you are not registered

Any unregistered user can learn information about upcoming events found on the site home page.

In order to sign up to participate, simply click on the title of the webinar that interests you.

Next, carefully read the information on the webinar in the window that opens: the date and time of webcast, the duration, description, presenter and number of participants.

In order to connect to a webinar, simply click on ‘Join Webinar’.

Through the page that opens, if you have a user ID and password, you can sign in, or you can fill out a short form, giving your personal information: full name, email, telephone number and address. It’s recommended that you use the form to indicate how you found out about the webinar. You can also leave comments.

After filling out the form to participate in the webinar without registering on the site, click on the ‘Enter Webinar’ button and you will be re-directed to the webinar room.

The audio and video stream will begin automatically as soon as the webinar start time has arrived.

If you are registered

Sign in, after which you will be able to find out more about the list of events accessible to registered users.

To participate, simply select the webinar you’re interested in and click ‘Participate’ on the upcoming events page.

In addition, you can learn more detailed information on a webinar, by clicking on its title or on ‘Details’.

In order to connect to a the webinar through the description page, all you have to do is click on the ‘Join’ button.

The audio and video webcast will begin automatically as soon as the start time of the webinar arrives.

Signing up to participate by invite

Click on the link in the invite letter, and the system will automatically add you to the list of participants.

To connect to the webinar, you will also need to click on the same link at the start time of the webcast.