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Terms of use

Rules for using the service

Our cutting-edge Webinar service provides a broad variety of opportunities for effective online communication among subscribers.

The service can be used solely for the purposes and in the interests of Coral Club. This is a work tool for distribution network expansion, business optimization and engaging business discussions. The organizer of each seminar or conference bears responsibility for their content.

Holding events that do not align with the purpose of the service will result in severe restrictions on the perpetrator, to a maximum of loss of membership in Coral Club. Subscribers of the service will strive to avoid such a risk to maintain a good business reputation and professional image.

The who’s who of Coral Club Webinars. Roles are delegated as follows:

Presenter: The main subscriber of the webcast to be used for the webinar. Sends invites to the webcast.

Participant: A common subscriber of the webinar that accepted the invite and joined the webinar at the scheduled time.

Co-Presenter: A subscriber to whom the presenter has given the right to run their own webcast.

In order to become a Presenter, all you need is the desire. To become a Participant or Co-Presenter, you need an invite from the Presenter.

Webinar Rules of Conduct

The rules presented below apply to all webinars held. All participants are equally responsible to follow them. The following is strictly forbidden:

  • Using offensive language, insulting other webinar participants;
  • Spreading false, untested or provocative information;
  • Sending messages unrelated to the topic of the online seminar or conference;
  • Showing discrimination on the basis of religion, race, nationality, gender and other characteristics;
  • Provoking conflicts with other participants and engaging in public arguments.

We ask that in the process of the discussions and the exchange of messages on the topic of the weminar, that you be patient with each other and comply with accepted standards of business etiquette, being governed by principles of civility and reason.

In the event that a violation of any of the rules occurs, the Presenter has the right to give the participant in question a warning, exclude him or her from the webinar, and also pause the webcast, if the actions of one or several participants make it difficult or impossible to continue.